Investing in the Future

Established in Singapore with offices all over the world, LAGERTHA capital is leading as a game changer in corporate finance & fund raising as well as provides financial advice and assistance to third parties on a variety of complex transactional or strategic matters.

Our services are fundamentally centered on achieving our partner's aims to consummate strategically important transactions and to enhance every one's value.

Investments & Hedge funds

Corporate & Investment banking

Private equity comes in several forms

Venture capital to finance the start-up of new businesses.​

Development capital to finance the development of the company.​

Transmission capital or LBO intended to support the transfer or sale of the business.

Turnaround capital to help turn around a struggling business.

Pioneering Partnerships for Lasting Impact in Global Business

We are a pre-eminent firm, working with market-leading companies across the globe. Our unique perspective in realising opportunities and forging dynamic partnerships is at the foundation of LAGERTHA capital. Unrivalled longevity in our core sectors provides the highest levels of knowledge and experience - supported by our influential local and international networks.

Our teams look to build not only bigger businesses - but better businesses. Sector-leading companies creating sustainable value for all and for impacting the future. Put simply, we are known for delivering added value to projects and businesses. We take pride in our unique approach to business and have an entrepreneurial outlook in all that we do. Whether it’s delivering a funding solution for a project or business, financing a project ourselves, or bringing our team together to achieve a set objective, we can usually apply experience and insight that will improve efficiency, increase profits and ensure deliverability of any project.

Elevating Projects with Innovative Financing Solutions and Global Expertise

We actively get involved within projects that we support or finance to deliver added value, our reputation precedes us in that regard. We are committed to delivering on our promises and have a team of experienced professionals who have cut their teeth in the corporate finance and investment sectors around the world to ensure we do. We are a group of disruptive thinkers, we are focused implementers, and we are innovators. We will either find a way, or we make one.

LAGERTHA capital is able, through a unique and very exclusive financial structuring, to reconcile the requirements of lenders of funds and projects in the initiation and development phase. Also in this configuration, each party makes a reliable and secure deal.

Lagertha Capital has a division specializing in high yield private placement programs, and structured with its historical partners an access to a unique and sophisticated program ensuring that all qualified investors have the opportunity to participate in these usually reserved programs. without any other condition than to stick to the procedures, due diligence request and behavior.

Private equity can be broken down into several
segments with the following characteristics:

Seed capital investors, most often natural persons, contribute capital, along with their networks and experiences, to entrepreneurial projects which are still only at the Research and Development stage.

The objective of this phase, which is very risky from a financial point of view, is to finalize the development of a technology in the form of a prototype making it possible to validate the success of the technological bet, and to start testing the existence of a market.

The signing of a first client ensures the transition to the venture capital stage.

Venture capitalists bring capital, as well as their networks and experiences, to the creation and early stages of development of innovative companies with high potential.

The term “risk” used in France (in other countries, the term Venture capital is most often used), poorly reflects the aspect of entrepreneurial adventure, which makes the profession of capital investor fundamentally different from purely financial trades.

The minority of successful projects must compensate for the capital losses of those that fail, and even generate a surplus.

Investments occurring at the time of the creation of the new company (startup).

Also called post-creation capital in the very first development phase.

Investments occurring at the time of the creation of the new company (startup).

Also called post-creation capital in the very first development phase.

Also known under the French terms leveraged buy-out and LBO (Leveraged buy-out), these leveraged buy-out transactions consist of acquiring the entire capital of a profitable company, generally operating in a market mature, by a combination of capital and bank financing (structured debt). They allow a manager, associated with a private equity fund, to transfer his business, or more generally to prepare his succession by selling his business in several stages (double trigger LBO).